Classic Candles with Cathy.

I am a mature aged married woman and mother of two grown daughters with an extensive background in retail and business ownership.

I was first introduced to PartyLite® by a friend. I immediately fell in love with their home decor products and was passionate about bringing my love of PartyLite® into the homes and lives of others.

In January of this 2019, I turned my passion into business when I hosted my own party and decided to become a consultant.

I look forward to introducing many new people to the fabulous and modern home decor products of Partylite®.


All PartyLite® candles are soy wax and edible paraffin wax blend with cotton wicks allowing for a clean burn at a lower, safer temperature than regular paraffin wax candles. The fragrance from each candle lingers pleasantly throughout the burn of the candle.

My products are not just limited to high quality soy wax and edible parrafin blend candles, there is a large selection of home decor; beautiful hurricane candle holders, Smartscent™ sticks, Electric warmers, Room Sprays and soy wax melts just to name a few.

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